Mnuchin and Blankfein said that Bernie Sanders will destroy the U.S. economy

Marco Green
February 15, 2020

"Sanders is as polarized as the trump, and it will destroy our economy and doesn't care about our military", he wrote on Twitter Blankfein, who headed the American Bank Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis.

In a tweet on Tuesday night, his first since November, Mr. Blankfein said Mr. Sanders would "ruin our economy" if elected president and accused him of not caring about the USA military.

For good measure, he suggested that Sanders was such a weak candidate, Russians seeking to throw the USA election would be wise to support him. "We're going to Nevada, we're going to SC and we're going to win those states as well", Sanders said, touting his "unprecedented grassroots movement".

Goldman, which Blankfein, a registered Democrat, led for 12 years, played a key role in the subprime mortgage market collapse that caused the Great Recession. The tweet quickly attracted thousands of comments from Mr. Sanders's supporters.

Former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Bankfein is apparently not a fan of Sen.

Blankfein, who supported presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, has criticized the "wealth tax" proposal floated by Sanders and Warren.

Sanders, 78, has come out as the Democratic frontrunner after Tuesday's vote, labeling himself a Democratic socialist and vowing to reverse and cancel nearly every enactment by US President Donald Trump.

Lloyd Blankfein is tweeting again.

Blankfein, who retired from Goldman in 2018, responded in a CNBC interview, saying: "To personalise it, it has the potential to be a risky moment, not just for Wall Street, not just for the people particularly targets but for anybody who is a little bit out of line".

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