Taylor Swift Changed After Winning Sex-Assault Suit, and Readers Respond

Lawrence Kim
February 14, 2020

"Miss Americana" was directed by Lana Wilson. This album was, at the time, the most awarded album in the history of country music. Swift catches herself apologizing for her "soap-box" rant, but clarifies that she should be allowed to speak her mind in the house that her career and her talent has paid for.

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars of the past decade. "Instead, we confess to a guarded respect for Swift and her songs, and we appreciated" Miss Americana" as a window to Swift's entire world. There are also candid scenes where Swift gushes her heart out to Wilson about her captivating life journey while providing great wisdom and authenticity. None of her supermodel friends are shown and neither is her family, except for a single clip of Swift speaking with her parents about sharing her political views online.

There is an emotionally intense part in the film where Swift appears distraught discussing politics with her parents. Why can more people get behind a man who was accused of rape and not behind a woman who told Kanye West off for calling her a "bitch" in his song? The post went on to receive a positive response from her fans. Seeing Swift's growth as a singer-songwriter and performer is astounding.

Swift's quirks still shine through the more serious tone of a documentary film.

"Something is different in my life, completely and unchangeably different, since the sexual-assault trial", Swift says in the film, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January. Because of the short duration of this section, I felt disconnected from Swift's come-up story and was left with the impression that she was given her fame, rather than it being earned. "I couldn't really stop thinking about it". This was a heartwarming ending to the documentary, as Swift's happiness with her career and her personal growth are visible. While the documentary rushes through the debacle, the same questions remain unanswered regarding Kanye allegedly getting permission to record the racy line: Did Swift actually give it the go-ahead, only to backtrack once it went public?

But the immediate feedback proved beneficial: "It was actually unbelievable having you in the studio because, like, we'd finish writing a song and...a sound guy would be like 'This is really - that's a really good song'". Her influence led to a seven fold increase in people showing up to vote in Tennessee.

Miss Americana does more than enough, despite its small flaws, to paint a humanised picture of a girl, now woman, who seems to have struggled with fame ever since finding it. "And it's kind of amusing, but it's also making a very serious point", she says.

I ended up with a greater knowledge of and sympathy for Swift, even though the objective of trying to elicit sympathy through a documentary is worth recognizing.

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Swift put away her polite, American sweetheart persona and exchanged it for a courageous, confident and badass identity in a world where women are often told to sit still and look pretty.

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