Marvel's Avengers 'Earth's Mightiest Edition' and Pre-Order Incentives Unveiled

Lawrence Kim
February 14, 2020

We're also releasing a new trailer that shows more gameplay and new explosive moments from the game!

The latest Marvel's Avengers trailer wants you to embrace your powers, and it's sending in the pluckiest, stretchiest hero of all (sorry Mister Fantastic) to seal the deal.

Additional preorder bonuses will be offered to PlayStation Store costumers. It also throws the spotlight on Kamala Khan, the young heroine who will bring the team back together as Ms. Marvel. Bundled with collectible goodies, the Earth's Mightiest Edition will arrive alongside a Deluxe Edition and the regular Standard Edition of the game. Today, Square Enix is also launching its preorder program, which will see customers obtain access to the Marvel's Avengers beta, a nameplate, and a set of Marvel Legacy Outfits.

Captain America's bravery shines in this Front Line Outfit from his time enlisted in the military during World War II. Thor's winged helmet, chest installations, and red cape were his trademark from the very beginning of his origins, reflected in the Asgard's Might Outfit.

Marvel's Avengers 'Earth's Mightiest Edition' and Pre-Order Incentives Unveiled
Marvel's Avengers 'Earth's Mightiest Edition' and Pre-Order Incentives Unveiled

Deluxe Edition costumes, for those that like their superheroes grey. With golden accents throughout, the Avengers are ready to inspire hope in the people of Earth who have become fearful of the existence of Super Heroes. Finally, a Digital Edition on the PS Store will net you a Ms. Marvel nameplate, and 1,000 credits for in-game customizations, and the aforementioned 72-hour early access to the game.

If you're so enthusiastically eager to play Crystal Dynamics' upcoming Marvel Avengers game that you're struggling to resist the urge to to dash to the shops and slap down some cash, you might be interested to know that Square Enix has a dizzying array of pre-order bonuses planned, including access to its pre-launch beta. It features a 12 inch Captain America statue from Gentle Giant, as well as a Hulk Bobblehead, Mjolnir Keychain, Black Widow's Belt Buckle, Iron Man's Prototype Amor Blueprints, Kamala Khan's Honorary Avenger Pin, a commemorative Avengers group photo, and 72-hour early access to the game.

What do you think about the Marvel's Avengers pre-order trailer?

Marvel's Avengers will hit PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC on September 4.

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