European Union sets out new criteria on enlargement post-Brexit

Elias Hubbard
February 6, 2020

For the EU, it is to protect the integrity of the single market and the customs union, securing rights to fish in British waters and ensure the United Kingdom does not undercut EU standards (i.e. level playing field conditions).

EU officials and some member states are dreading a possible repetition of Belgium's Wallonia nearly derailing the EU-Canada free trade deal in 2016.

The EU is looking for "specific and effective guarantees on level playing field over the long term", meaning upholding high standards on social, environmental, climate, tax, and state aid rules and their future changes.

Mr Johnson used a speech in London, to stress his commitment to free trade - and signal his determination to secure an arrangement with Brussels along the lines of that agreed between the European Union and Canada. This seemed to imply Johnson's willingness not to conclude a trade agreement with the European Union, because Australia does not have that either.

On Monday, the 3rd of February 2020, the British currency fell by as much as 1.5 per cent after UK PM Boris Johnson, who was sworn to take the office on mid-December a year ago, had made some harsh trade remarks that entirely had controverted the views of the EU Commission, fuelling up frets on whether British Tory-led Government could rubber stamp a raft of decipherable trade deals with other EU nations before end-2020. As a final blow to the EU, fishing, which is integral to many European countries, will be dominated by British boats that are on British waters.

We are just too soft, we need to be prepared to patrol the waters, and keep some of these Dutch and other trawlers away from us, we are finding in our supermarkets that the fish that is caught in English waters, is being sold to us from Europe, it's ridiculous, and it's inflating the costs, to have a fish and chip supper now, it's not a cheap meal, it's ridiculous, we should be getting our own fish.

When offered the deal on the stipulation that the United Kingdom adopt Brussels-law, the Prime Minister rejected, saying the United Kingdom was open to negotiating and suggested that there would be annual negotiations on this.

The former Romanian prime minister Dacian Cioloș, who sits with Macron's MEPs in the European parliament, described the plans as a good step forward, adding that his group "fully supports" new impetus to EU enlargement. Something the British want to get rid of.

Barnier suggested the deal on fish will be prerequisite for the broader trade deal, saying the issue is "inextricably" linked to the trade talks.

"There will be customs formalities, origin rules, certification".

"They are positioning themselves at two extremes". Entrepreneurs must prepare for this. With this intention, the British Prime Minister is trying to increase the pressure on negotiations with the EU.

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