Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan in awe of Shakira’s Super Bowl performance

Lawrence Kim
February 5, 2020

Shakira is breaking the Internet with her incredible performance at Super Bowl halftime show last night.

As always, viewers of the bewildering moment began to speculate on that gesture of Shakira sticking out her tongue and making noise in the Super Bowl.

The "tongue thing" and accompanying cry has been pegged as one of the most memorable moments of Shakira's performance, judging by the response on social media.

Shakira's "Empire" and "She Wolf" increased by more than 900 percent in the hours after the Super Bowl, while Lopez's "Get Right" and "Waiting For Tonight" interest increased by more than 680 percent. But apart from Shakira performing her biggest hits and showing off her expertise in belly dancing, she also gave birth to a meme fest online. But this moment from her performance led to some major chaos online and people started comparing her to SpongeBob's victory screech and a goat as well.

The singer's father was born in NY to Lebanese parents and later immigrated to Colombia where she was born.

The zagrouta, according to the Arab America website, is a "form of a long, wavering, high-pitched vocal sound representing trills of joy [.] produced by emitting a high pitched loud voice accompanied by a rapid back and forth movement of the tongue".

The gesture, which is called "zaghrouta", is typically used by women in the Middle East and North Africa during times of celebration. Some of Shakira's fans were quick to defend the Waka Waka singer regarding this tradition when people started trolling her. Take a look.

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