SpaceX Starlink Constellation Grows to 240 Satellites

James Marshall
February 2, 2020

The launch - SpaceX's fourth for Starlink not including two demonstration satellites propelled in 2018 - conveyed a redesigned set of satellites intended for better phantom productivity and throughput.

Original story: A week after carrying out a crucial test flight for NASA, SpaceX is poised to introduce yet another Falcon 9 rocket from Florida.

Prior to the launch of yesterday's mission, SpaceX revealed that it would be attempting to recover the first-stage booster and the fairing halves.

One of 60 SpaceX Starlink communications satellites photographed being deployed into orbit shortly after the 29 January 2020 launch from Cape Canaveral. The rocket likewise performed another landing on the company's drone ship in the Atlantic after launch.

This payload of 60 satellites brings SpaceX's total count to 240, putting it even farther in the lead as the world's largest satellite operator.

SpaceX finished its second Starlink launch of the month January 29, adjusting to an objective of the organization set a year ago to launch two devoted Starlink missions month to month all through 2020. That batch included one satellite with a speculative coating, focused on decreasing the vehicle's brightness in the sky. The rocket's upper stage sent the satellites into a 302-kilometer low Earth circle about an hour after liftoff. SpaceX intends ultimately to launch tens of thousands of satellites to beam broadband around the globe. However, soon after it was confirmed that the attempt to catch the second half had not been successful.

SpaceX has been attempting to get this flight off the ground for the last week, but bad weather condition has caused repeated delays. In its press release SpaceX claims that it is winning this race.

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