Sports that are reaching beyond their regular audiences

Ruben Hill
January 29, 2020

Most people can remember seeing their town, city, country or even the world going crazy for a particular sport, player or championship. But there are still many sports that don’t have total recognition and remain a very local passion

Thanks to the reach of social media and globalization, even some games that are incredibly particular to an area and can seem quite ridiculous to outsiders like underwater hockey, or wife carrying, can suddenly become famous and even played around the globe. So don’t be too surprised to see something new pop up in the sports arena around you.

Here are some of the best-known cases of lesser know sports going to new places:


A game of intelligence, strategy, and passion.

There is a fervent following for this sport in England, Australia, and India, with the last ones being one of the most active in spreading the popularity of the sport in the world, creating websites where you can learn anything about cricket India, and generally just taking the pastime wherever they go. It is estimated that in the US alone, where it once was one of the most popular games, the market consists of about 30 million potential fans, with plenty of room for more growth.

The game has many newcomers intrigued and curious, as it spreads around the globe it will also lead the level of the sport to continue rising and bring more challenges to entertain both new and old fans.

American Football

This game has been ingrained in the American lifestyle for almost 150 years.

It is present in so many cultural references, even considered an unofficial religion by the most fervent fans, it has plainly delighted American fans for years and years.

While the recreation of the National Football League, or NFL, outside of the US has not been successful, for example, the short-lived NFL Europe (1991 to 2007). The broadcasting of games has gained and maintained audiences for the last years. With fan numbers growing slowly but steadily, especially in the UK, and also in Asia and Latin America.

The fast, hard-hitting 100% US game is proving to be entertaining across the border as well.


High-level gaming used to be a niche experience and carried with it the image of the tech-savvy kid stereotype, but the industry has been going through an incredible turnaround. Videogames have become one of the most diverse markets out there. The popularity has come with the resources to create real championships, sponsored teams and all-out superstars of the gaming world. Big names in sports have begun to invest in the industry, causing production value, quality, and entertainment withing e-sports to skyrocket.

Gamers no longer play alone and in the dark, now they have a center stage to battle it out in front of adoring fans, a whole new kind of experience for fans of e-sports.

There’s a reason these sports are so popular with their traditional audiences, that is now being transmitted to others, and with many other things, the effect of sharing is bringing people together, this time in sports.

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