You can now pre-order Motorola's foldable RAZR on Verizon for $1,500

Joanna Estrada
January 27, 2020

Cut to now, the device went on sale and is now up for pre-orders for the Verizon carrier user in the U.S. stipulating that there is a high demand for the new foldable phone from Motorola.

As you use it more and more, some "lumps and bumps" might happen on Razr's surface, however, this is a trade-off for the material's flexibility. You can visit the website here.

Everything starts off fairly normally, with the video noting that the device is splash resistant but should be wiped down if it gets wet, and then things turn a tad odd.

Screengrab of Motorola advice video on YouTube
Motorola’s advice for the screen on its new Razr phone

With the first iteration of Samsung Galaxy Fold also suffering its own display issues before a better version was released to market, this latest bit of news does not fill us with confidence. These videos suggest how the Motorola Razr should be used and cared for to prevent any damage to the device. The the video says that "bumps and lumps" are normal, which is very odd indeed. But bumps are another matter entirely, so we do wonder how big these imperfections can get on the Motorola Razr screen before they're not considered normal. Moreover, the screen of the device is made from plastic which is bound to have a crease in the foldable region. The company also points out that users must close the phone before putting it inside a pocket and that a screen protector shouldn't be applied.

The last video is all about the camera and the final video displays all the cool new tricks the Moto Razr camera has up its sleeves.

Motorola released a set of YouTube videos on Sunday about its new Razr which will be launched in just two weeks. As the technology is new, we don't know how long the screen can resist before wrinkling like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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