Leyton machete attack: Van driver jailed for 16 years

Elias Hubbard
January 26, 2020

A man has been jailed for 16 years for a "brutal and shocking" machete attack on a police officer.

Mrs Justice Carr told Rodwan that he continued to pose a risk to the public and that people had to be protected and that the public had a right to be protected from people who carry and use knives.

PC Outten suffered wounds to his head and hand from a 2ft-long blade after stopping Rodwan's white van for having no insurance.

The judge told Rodwan: "This was a brutal and a shocking attack with a machete on a police officer carrying out his duties".

She said Rodwan picked up the machete "in a rage" when all he had to do was to stop resisting arrest.

Rodwan had told police he believed his life was worth more than PC Outten's, which the judge said "typified" Rodwan's "belligerent arrogance", and said she had detected "not a shred of remorse or insight on your part".

PC Outten suffered six wounds to his head, skull fractures, broken fingers and injuries to his arms.

In a recent interview, PC Outten said: "My taser saved my life".

Social media has reacted strongly to the news that a man who attacked a London police officer with a machete had a string of convictions for violence and rape.

Yesterday, there was fury as Rodwan was cleared of attempted murder and only convicted of wounding after it emerged that jurors were not told of his violent past.

He punched PC Outten in the face and when the officers tried to arrest him for assaulting a police officer he returned to his van and brought out the machete, which had a 19 inch blade and had been specially sharpened.

Rodwan, 56, was cleared of having an offensive weapon, having argued that he used the machete in his gardening work.

PC Outten, who is desperate to get back on patrol, said he bore no hatred towards his assailant, despite his injuries.

He said, "That night I was just doing my job, I was doing what I was trained for, but more importantly, I was making sure I didn't die, because it was a separate possibility if the attack had continued".

"Once he started hitting me on the head with the machete, I realized that it was escalating very quickly and that I now had to fight for my life. When the first shot didn't work, I remember thinking that if the second one didn't work, that would be it and I'd be dead, but thankfully it did".

Of his attacker, he said: "It feels good to see the system going through the paces, but personal feelings for him?"

The accused, then known as Rodney Reid, was imprisoned in Snaresbrook Crown Court for nine years for being intentionally injured. He did what he did, he is now paying the price.

According to figures from the Metropolitan Police, 5,900 officers and staff were attacked between January and December previous year, compared to 5,700 in the period between November 2018 and October 2019.

At the time of his arrest a year ago, Rodwan gave a relative's address in Luton, Bedfordshire, but went on to tell jurors he slept in his van around Waltham Forest.

"I don't think the attack was personal.

It did its job.' Dismissing his 'hardest cop" title, Pc Outten said: 'Luckily I have the size and form that I can take a couple of machetes blows to the head - apparently - and I can act later'.

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