Canada announces first confirmed ‘presumptive’ case of coronavirus in Toronto

Henrietta Strickland
January 26, 2020

Several cities including Beijing and Hong Kong are reportedly cancelling or limiting celebrations for the Lunar New Year.

A teenager was taken to hospital showing signs of the coronavirus after landing at Sydney Airport overnight.

Chinese troops arrive with medical supplies at Wuhan Tianhe Airport in Wuhan. Schools in Hong Kong that are now on Lunar New Year holidays will remain closed until February 17.

Authorities have also started to curtail travel in other parts of the country.

In Hong Kong, with five confirmed cases, the city's leader Carrie Lam said flights and high-speed rail trips between the city and Wuhan will be halted. They will reopen February 17. Other cases have been reported in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. Only authorized vehicles will be permitted, the reports said.

The virus, which is similar to the fatal severe respiratory syndrome (SARS), first emerged in Wuhan, China, which has a population greater than New York City.

China's biggest holiday, the Lunar New Year, unfolded in the shadow of the worrying new virus.

Hong Kong earlier cancelled the traditional New Year's Day fireworks.

The latest tally for infections comes from 29 provinces and cities across China and includes 237 patients in serious condition.

"There are now no confirmed cases in the United Kingdom or of United Kingdom citizens overseas, and the risk to the public is low", the Department of Health said.

A man aged in his 50s, who was the first confirmed coronavirus case in Australia, traveled to Melbourne from Guangzhou on January 19.

The CDC said the first US case was confirmed on Tuesday and also involved someone who recently returned home after a visit to Wuhan. Officials said Friday that a Chicago woman in her 60s has been diagnosed with the virus, and they're monitoring 63 other possible cases across 22 US states. The new strain of coronavirus has now spread to three continents and eight different countries. Instead, state and local public-health officials have individually contacted 50 people believed to have been in close contact with the man during that time, reaching out daily to ask if they are experiencing any symptoms such as a fever or respiratory issues.

China's National Health Commission has ordered nationwide measures to detect and isolate people carrying the virus on planes, trains and buses across the country.

Infections from the virus have now been found on four continents, including a few cases in Australia, France and the USA, among travelers who had recently been in China.

The rapid increase in reported deaths and illnesses does not necessarily mean the crisis is getting worse but could reflect better monitoring and reporting of the virus.

Chinese media outlets said the new 1,000-bed hospital could be ready within six days. It will be modelled on a SARS hospital that was built in Beijing in just six days during the 2003 SARS outbreak. The patient would be treated by a epidemiological nurse.

Simon Gibbons, a 36-year-old from London who works in the automotive industry in Wuhan, told the Telegraph: "We haven't had any official notice from the British government - the French and American Embassies seem to be doing everything they can in light of the situation to provide their citizens with every opportunity to leave the city".

Officials are also said to be taking extreme caution when evacuating, as to prevent the virus from spreading.

However, in the early hours of Saturday morning, the route into Changsha, another 200 kilometres (125 miles) south, remained unblocked.

"I think we should definitely see this as a marathon, not a sprint".

"As our environments and the environments of animals overlap more and more, it is a huge concern, because it is really hard to predict where those spillovers from animals to humans will happen", Baseman said.

The patient, who was initially quarantined, recovered and was discharged.

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