Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 extended even further

Joanna Estrada
January 26, 2020

Chapter 2 season 2 was originally scheduled to be released by late 2019.

It stands to reason that the developers simply don't have everything ready for Season 2, but this does seem odd, as they've had almost 4 months of Season 1 to prepare.

Just when we thought the end was in sight, it seems that the long-awaited Season 2 may have just been pushed back again. Additionally, Epic teased that Season 2 will sport multiple new features, but details are scarce. The Fortnite community is also not thrilled about the delay, as most are beyond ready for a change of pace. Epic Games hasn't provided a timeline to expect this change, but if the development team are working on something, it could have something to do with this transition. In response to a post on the Birds of Prey Twitter account, the developers stated that they would see Harley Quinn soon.

"This isn't confirmation of the season being extended, however it looks likely as the displayed end date is usually what Epic Games goes off of".

There are reports that convey that the next season will not be launched until 20th in the month of February 2020. You can play Fortnite on any supported device like a PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and mobile, but matches need to be on an educational campus network and a coach needs to be present.

Some of the gamers are speculating that Epic Games is planning to start something huge for the next season. While others have a completely opposite opinion.

Epic employees were out of the office for the holidays, so it's possible that the team fell behind on the workload for the next season.

Yes, the battle royal game where players can be creative with their "Fortnite skin" then chat and dance goofily in the game lobby, can now be played on a competitive and official level.

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