Trucing and Pickaxe Swinging are Bannable Offenses in Competitive Fortnite

Joanna Estrada
January 24, 2020

Teaming: Players working together during the match while on opposing teams. Repeat offenders can face higher penalties.

One of the world's biggest games is teaming up with the social media platform of the moment, as Fortnite kicks off a dance competition in collaboration with TikTok that could see your own dance moves immortalized with an in-game emote.

Jokes aside, the new rules will affect a common practice in competitive play. "Unsportsmanlike conduct from participants is not within that spirit, and will not be tolerated in Fortnite competition", said Epic Games.

Throughout past year, players have been sending or receiving signals more commonly during official Fortnite competitions to the point where many players are confused around the ruling.

Communication: Sending or receiving signals (both verbal and non-verbal) to communicate with opposing players.

According to the most recent report, an emote dance faceoff will happen soon in the Battle Royale game, and many popular streamers have taken part in it, so fans are looking forward to seeing how the competition unfolds.

Item Dumping: Intentionally dropping items for an opposing player to collect.

Of course, this has always technically been against the rules, but Epic didn't seem to enforce it.

Epic has added new regulations that ban players who indulge in trucing, pickaxe swinging, or any other means where players can team up with their opponents. However, many players will still feel that pick-axe swinging shouldn't be seen as a form of teaming, especially with the lack of mobility still present.

Caster Ballatw agreed that "mobility would help the issue of people needing to signal", but still felt that "signalling is an issue that needs to be cleared up NO MATTER WHAT".

Pacifist gameplay is still allowed for players to utilize if they wish.

You can also report players in-game for cheating, exploitation, harassment, and more.

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