Larijani Warns Europe of Consequences of Moves against Iran

Elias Hubbard
January 24, 2020

The Iranian President commented on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously urging Trump to replace the JCPOA with his own new pact to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. We have not retired from the JCPOA.

French President Emmanuel Macron stated on Wednesday that France will be inflexible about Iran's nuclear aspirations, and his nation is identified Tehran will never ever obtain nuclear weapons.

President Hassan Rouhani, engineer of the nuclear bargain, has actually repetitively stated that Tehran's nuclear actions were relatively easy to fix if Tehran's economic situation was secured by various other events to the bargain from United States charges. "The reductions we have made are based on the JCPOA and on the same day that you return to your full obligations, we will do likewise".

European diplomats state they would have activated the disagreement system despite any United States tariff risks.

On Sept. 5, Iran announced that it will enrich uranium using next-generation centrifuges and will not mix it with the enriched uranium residues as part of the third step of reducing commitments in JCPOA.

Speaking at a weekly session of the cabinet, Rouhani said the country's income has increased in light of the rising non-oil exports, adding that a sum of $20 billion in exports has been funneled to the Central Bank of Iran.

Earlier on Wednesday, Rouhani's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi reminded the Europeans of a letter Rouhani had sent them in May 2019 on the anniversary of the US pull-out from the nuclear deal. The mechanism stipulates that the UN Security Council be notified if no consensus is found by the parties, which could result in the reimposition of sanctions on Iran.

Other Iranian officials have threatened a series of measures, such as waiving the agreement or even withdrawing from the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the basis for the global control of nuclear weapons since the Cold War. "They are terribly afraid of our popular and cultural power, because a nation that prepares itself for devotion and self-sacrifice and stands together in different incidents and problems, as it happened in the plane crash and martyrdom of our country's great commander General Soleimani, enjoys massive power and becomes invincible", said Rouhani.

"When E3 sold out remnants of #JCPOA to avoid Trump tariffs last week, I warned that it would only whet his appetite", he tweeted.

Zarif went on to say that the Foreign Ministry is legally pursuing the triggering of dispute mechanism by Europeans.

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