Spies say founding ISIS member chosen as new leader

Elias Hubbard
January 22, 2020

Both Qardash and Salbi are Iraqi Turkmen from Tal Afar.

Shifa al-Nima, another senior Isis official who used religious references to make decisions, was arrested last week in a suburb of Mosul.

This was a nom de guerre, and authorities said they had heard little of the "no one" at the time.

Isis has yet to regain the momentum of the juggernaut that led him to threaten regional order after Baghdadi proclaimed himself caliph of the Islamic world in mid-2014. But Iraqi officials said the latter was an ISIS member who passed away two years ago.

Underwriting the violence against the Yazidi minority and occupying Iraq's Christian Nineveh Plains region after a spasm of killing and destruction were among the crimes that were reportedly carried out with the blessing of Salbi's religious rulings.

Salbi was arrested by USA forces at Camp Bucca prison in southern Iraq, where he met Baghdadi, sources said.

After studying Sharia Law at the University of Mosul, al-Salbi worked his way up the ISIS ladder. The United States did the same to Hoda Mothana, another so-called wife of Isis, who was captured in western Syria last January. year. Some reviewers believe that after Baghdadi is killed, ISIS does not want to take any risk and is not aware of its new head.

Changing plans for the ISIS?

The group ramped up its attacks in the second half of previous year, especially at the border of Syria and Iraq, and showed signs of regrouping after its territorial defeat in both countries. Between just December 20 and 26, the group claimed 106 attacks.

The Kurdish special forces fighting against the terror group confirmed by saying that there has been a rise in the number of attacks.

As primary lawmaker al-Salbi made it so homosexuals were shaken off roofings and also ladies implicated of infidelity were stoned. We are now monitoring an average of 60 attacks per month through killings, road bombs and attacks on the Iraqi security forces. It is said that he had continued to maintain contact with Adel until he was named the new leader. With the new leader being related to the inner circle of the country, questions have started to grow about the relationship of the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to the militant group.

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