JLR's new shape-shifting seat makes your brain think you're walking

Marco Green
January 19, 2020

Researchers at Jaguar Land Rover have developed a auto seat that changes shape while you sit, tricking your brain into thinking you're taking a lovely, relaxing stroll when you're actually stuck behind the wheel.

This in-development morphing seat aligns with Jaguar Land Rovers Destination Zero vision, an ambition to make societies cleaner and the people within them safer and healthier.

The seat, which is being trialled by JLR's Body Interiors Research division, moves to mimic the motions and stresses of movement and is meant to reduce the health risks of sitting down for too long while driving.

Jaguar Land Rover's seat technology "can help mitigate the health risks of sitting too long on long journeys with United Kingdom drivers covering around 146 miles per week".

"The wellbeing of our customersand employees is at the heart of all our technological research projects", said Dr Steve Iley, Jaguar Land Rover chief medical officer.

Studies cited by the British automaker claim that 1.4 billion people worldwide are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles that can shorten the muscles of the legs, hips and glutes. The weakened muscles also mean you are more likely to injure yourself from falls or strains. He has also issued advice on how to adjust the seat to ensure the ideal driving position, from removing bulky items in the pocket, to shoulder positioning and from ensuring the spine and pelvis are straight to supporting the thighs to reduce pressure points. Specialists of the company Jaguar Land Rover proposed to solve this problem by installing seats that mimic walking. Previous projects include helping to reduce the effects of motion sickness by changing the car's dynamics and cabin settings, and using ultraviolet light technology to help prevent the spread of colds and flu.

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