High School Student Helps NASA Discover New Planet With Two Suns

James Marshall
January 18, 2020

The actors had discovered a new planet that revolves around two stars.

It is complicated that none of us manage to impress in a job as fast as Wolf Cukier, a 17-year-old boy who discovered a new planet this summer 1,300 light years from Earth on his third day as a summer intern in the POT.

The planet - which has been named TOI 1338 b - is nearly seven times bigger than Earth, and is located 1,300 light years away in a constellation called Pictor.

A NASA intern discovered a new planet that's similar to Tatooine from Star Wars - on his third day of work. News simply confirmed by NASA.

The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) is presently tracking two mid-size asteroids that are supposed to approach our planet tomorrow.

Wolf, who is now back at high school in Scarsdale, New York, has been speaking to Radio 1 Newsbeat about his awesome discovery.

Cukier was tasked with examining variations in star brightness that had been captured by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) when he saw a signal from the system called TOI 1338. The aim of TESS is to hunt for planets outside of the Earth's solar system.

In this illustration, TOI 1338 b is silhouetted by its host stars.

"I took it to my mentor, we regarded on the information from the stars and seen two extra dips in light, so we started doing prognosis to eye if it in point of fact will nearly certainly be a planet".

The new addition to the exoplanet family is named TOI 1338 b and is a gas planet about the size of Saturn.

His finding used to be ample to salvage other scientists eager.

After letting his seniors know about his discovery, they studied the object for a couple of weeks and concluded that the object was a planet 6.9 times larger than Earth and only the 13th planet of its kind ever discovered. "My brother had the idea of calling it Wolftopia but I think TOI 1338 b is sufficient". This comparison is never any longer misplaced on Wolf, who parts out that he is that in point of fact wearing a Well-known particular person Wars t-shirt on the present time.

"It's practically like Tatooine, at least as the stars would look in the sky " said the discoverer himself."So I would have a double sunset". Actors have named that planet 'Tatooine'. Wolf explains that it is likely to be extremely hot and probably doesn't have a solid surface. "I was at NASA, which is just a cool place".

"My mentor has been very supportive and excited. I think NASA is surprised with the amount of attention this has been getting".

The teenager has an vast interest in science and space.

"As soon as I'm there I'm planning to search physics and astrophysics", he says.

But for now it's back to normality for Wolf although he has a little more notoriety among his high school friends. "It's a surreal experience".

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