Will Smith Talks Jealousy And Biggest Regret For Tupac

Lawrence Kim
January 15, 2020

"They never had a sexual relationship, but now they had come into that age where that was a possibility, and Jada was with me", Will explained. "We've tested our commitment to the family", Smith continued.

"That was a big regret for me too because I could never open up to interact with 'Pac".

It's fairly well-known that Pinkett Smith grew up in Baltimore with Tupac where they attended school together and looked out for each other.

"It was like I never could even, we were in the room together a couple of times and I couldn't speak to him". "Him feeling like, 'You're the only stability I got, I can't afford for you to put that attention elsewhere.' For him, it was, we were an anchor for each other".

Jada did not take part in the "Breakfast Club" interview - Smith appeared alongside his "Bad Boys" co-star, Martin Lawrence, ahead of the franchise's third installment, which hits theaters Friday.

Tupac Shakur, M.C. Hammer and Snoop Dogg at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Will Smith, who divorced his first wife in 1995, asked Jada out on a date not long after they met and they tied the knot in 1997. This is the worst real-life scenario of "the guy she told you not to worry about".

Jada, speaking with Howard Stern in 2015, opened up about the lack of romantic chemistry she shared with Tupac, as she said she had a better "understanding of what that was between" she and Tupac, who was fatally shot in Las Vegas in 1996. She said, "Most people want to connect in this romance thing, and that's just because they don't have the story". So any time he felt like that anchor was threatened...

"Yeah that's what Jada would say all the time".

"That's how it started", she added.

Charlamagne then remarked that he thought Smith and Tupac would have been kindred spirits who were close pals, and the Suicide Squad star admitted he "regrets" not making more of an effort to befriend the late star. "I couldn't handle it".

Smith continued, admitting he never managed to speak to "Pac while the West Coast rapper was alive". "There's a certain amount of battery you have to subject each other to in order to know that you're really down". "And he was Pac". "And I wasn't man enough to handle that relationship".

Will Smith was "deeply insecure" of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's bond with Tupac.

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