4 year old goes blind after the flu

Henrietta Strickland
January 15, 2020

Over the subsequent few days, Jade experienced a low-grade fever, introduced down by medication. From Dec. 19 to Dec. 23 Jade DeLucia was a bit under the weather, but her mom wasn't too concerned, she tells CNN.

Jade had the flu, and she was unresponsive, a ventilator breathing for her. Jade's parents immediately took her to Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo, Iowa, where she nearly immediately had a seizure.

The 4-year-old kid spent almost two weeks in the intensive care unit of the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. She said the girl went from full comma to waking up and whispering 'Hi mummy'. "I actually didn't. Simply from taking a look at her, I actually actually didn't assume I used to be going to see her".

On Christmas Day the family found out the flu had affected Jade's brain.

What acute necrotizing encephalopathy-and how can it lead to blindness?

ANE is a rare type of encephalopathy usually caused by a viral infection. A 2017 study found that the vaccine also significantly reduced a child's risk of dying from the flu, according to the CDC. Of those who survive, about one half will suffer permanent neurologic damage.

Jade is one of the lucky ones who survived.

The doctors praised Jade for her spirit and surviving the ordeal.

"She is lucky to be alive", Theresa Czech, MD, Jade's neurologist at the University of Iowa, told CNN.

Phillips said she is just amazed at her daughter's progress. Jade couldn't see it. However, Phillips soon realized that her daughter couldn't see.

The four-one year-old fashioned spent extra than two weeks in the clinic, her mom acknowledged, and developed a disease known as encephalopathy, a swelling of the mind that introduced on her to lose her vision.

"They stated she had important mind harm". "In about three to six months, we will know. No matter restoration she has at six months, that's seemingly all she's going to get". In fact, this year is slated to be one of the worst flu seasons in decades - so far 32 children have died from the virus. A GoFundMe page was set up by a neighbor to help with the family's medical bills.

Jade DeLucia, who didn't get a flu shot this season, got ill a few days before Christmas and was in the intensive care unit for nearly two weeks at the Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. She said both Jade and her sister received the flu shot last march and Phillips thought that meant they were good for an entire year.

Now, Phillips is urging other parents to get their children vaccinated, which cannot only prevent them from getting the flu, but can also offer protection from extreme outcomes like Jade's if they do get sick. The flu could result in complications, even death, according to the CDC.

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