Patrick Chung, state of New Hampshire resolve drug possession charges

Ruben Hill
January 14, 2020

Patriots safety Patrick Chung had a charge of cocaine possession brought against him conditionally dismissed, according to a New Hampshire county attorney.

Submit a drug test once a month for the first year and every 90 days for the following year. Chung has agreed to provide the State with copies of the results and will sign a waiver for the State to directly communicate with the laboratory to confirm the results. "Mr. Chung further agrees that the specific form of testing to be performed must be approved by the State".

In August, Chung was indicted for a felony following an incident at his Meredith, N.H. home, in which police were called and found the drugs.

It's a sweet deal for the 32-year-old New England defensive back. because he was facing up to 7 YEARS behind bars for the charge.

Livernois explains in the statement that the reason the State is allowing this conditional dismissal is due to Chung having no prior criminal record and no prior involvement with the criminal justice system.

Livernois added that "the amount of the drugs which were allegedly in Chung's possession and/or control was small", while Chung provided proof that he voluntarily underwent a full substance-abuse evaluation that indicated he is not in need of treatment.

Court officials tell TMZ Sports Chung and prosecutors made an agreement Monday in which Chung's charge will be dropped if he meets several requirements.

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