GameCube Joy-Cons Now Exist Thanks to Modder

Joanna Estrada
January 14, 2020

If you are a massive fan of the GameCube controller, and always wanted to see a real-life crossover with the Joy-Cons, then Youtuber Shank Mods has you covered.

At a glance, the GameCube controller looks like an absolute mess, but when you get your hands on it, the secrets of the universe unlock. Through subsequent posts, he showed how the controller worked with the Nintendo Switch by doing a demo using Smash Bros. You may check out the controllers within the video beneath, when you fancy seeing one thing cool you can't presently get by way of official Nintendo channels... Ultimate with a proper GameCube controller, so he set about the complicated and time-consuming task of chopping up a real GameCube Wavebird wireless controller to convert it into a Joy-Con. That way he was able to preserve the style and feel of the GameCube joystick, while preserving the full functionality of the Switch's controllers.

There are a couple of little qualms that we might ramble on about (these new Joy-Cons make the Switch console look very large after they're docked, they usually look a bit clunky for utilizing of their split-apart multiplayer type). Nothing to do, you have to settle for the video!

By stripping down a set of Joy-Cons and placing the components into a GameCube controller, Shank Mods wired buttons and sticks to the Joy-Cons' board.

After seeing mock-ups of GameCube Joy-Con controllers for the Switch, Shank Mods was convinced Nintendo or another modder would eventually make it happen.

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