Bernie Sanders Told Warren Woman Couldn't Win

Joanna Estrada
January 14, 2020

These were the first of the 11 CIA Democrats to endorse a candidate for the presidential nomination.

But the report cites four anonymous sources who say Sanders told Warren, after she made her case for her candidacy for the Democratic nomination, that he did not believe a woman could win the election.

There are 12 candidates now vying for the party's nomination to take on Mr Trump in November.

The progressive activist group Democracy for America urged the two candidates to cool tensions and work together to defeat Trump. Sanders has recently stepped up his attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden over his past support of the Iraq War, broad free-trade agreements and entitlement reform, among other issues. "You have heard me give many speeches". The week kicked off with a spat between the two candidates after Politico reported that the Sanders campaign gave volunteers a script to describe Warren as a candidate of the elite. A recent Monmouth University poll of Iowa found Biden leading the primary field in Iowa by six percentage points.

According to an opinion poll taken on 8-9 January, 23% of registered Democrats said they supported Mr Biden, while 20% supported Mr Sanders and 15% said they would vote for Ms Warren.

The number of participants has narrowed considerably since the debates began in June, when they had to be spread out over two nights to accommodate all the candidates. Biden is looking to retain his lead in the final weeks before the caucuses and leverage a victory here to quell voter curiosity about other candidates in the primary.

"The last couple of weeks here makes a very big difference", Biden told staffers in Des Moines, going on to note that the race is essentially a "toss up" going into the debate.

The script reportedly instructed volunteers to say that Warren's supporters were "highly-educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what" and that "she's bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party".

Mr Sanders denied the claim and said he believed a woman could beat President Donald Trump. "The wrong person at the top of the ticket-and I'm not saying who that is-there would be down-ballot carnage all across the country, and I think that people are starting to recognize it", Richmond said.

Before that, though, multiple tweets emerged showing video footage and other historical proof of Sanders' progressive and decidedly unsexist approach to politics that dated back decades to a time when Warren was a Republican claiming Native American heritage years before she admitted lying about it.

Warren said in a statement that during the two-hour meeting to discuss the 2020 election, "among the topics that came up was what would happen if Democrats nominated a female candidate". I thought a woman could win.

Sanders and his team have strongly disagreed with the description of the meeting.

In an interview, Lamb raised doubts about whether swing voters in his district would embrace the kind of change that Warren and Sanders are fighting for. "It's inevitable as we get closer to actual voting that the campaigns will draw contrast with each other. Have I ever said one negative word about Elizabeth Warren? OK?" These are "Hope" voters who want a better world. The Trump administration maintains Soliemani was planning "imminent attacks" against United States forces, but conflicting information and a lack of publicly released intelligence has Democrats and some Republicans demanding more answers.

In this scenario, the Democratic primary season might prove rather boring for the political press. Publicly, and privately, in the closing days ahead of the caucuses and the debate, presidential candidates themselves have focused their closing arguments on electability and beating Donald Trump.

Sanders denied the report, saying that he told Warren that President Donald Trump was a "sexist" who would "weaponize whatever he could".

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