Aaron Rodgers Discusses His Ideal Retirement Scenario

Ruben Hill
January 3, 2020



Packers fan, don’t go crying just yet. Star quarterback, and Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers doesn’t plan to retire for the next decade. But he admits he can see it in the distance. The good news? With a looming retirement in mind, he’s using it as extra motivation for playoffs this season.

As he told WBAY-TV:

                “I’m seeing the 18th hole coming up, realizing I can't play forever,” Rodgers said. “The opportunities don't come along all the time. I could feel the energy of this team early in April and May. It was different feel and that's what spurred me in the summer to kind of forego some of the traveling I would maybe usually do and make sure I was dialed in once training camp came around because I felt like we could do something special this year.”

Making History in the 2019-20 Season

So far in the 2019-20 season, Rodgers has made history in the 42-24 victory over the Raiders. He scored his, and the franchise’s, first perfect passer rating of 158.3. He also managed to throw six incompletions, and five touchdown passes to go with 429 yards. If you’re doing the math, that makes his 10th career 400-yard game. Not to mention, his career passer rating is the highest in NFL history.

With all his exciting achievements to date, it’s a relief for Packers nation that he doesn’t see himself slowing down just yet. But what exactly does he have in mind for the finish line?

"Win the Super Bowl when I'm 45, and ride off into the sunset," Rodgers said in a recent interview with Rich Eisen.

Eisen follow-up response was asking Rodgers if he truly saw himself playing deep into his 40s.

“We’ll see," Rodgers said. "I envision playing as long as my body feels good and I have the love for the game that I do right now that still fuels me and is still a passion. And I still love the daily grind and the practice and the preparation. If I can give everything to a team in that manner and my body feels good, I’m going to keep rolling.”

Player's Hobbies: Do They Pose a Threat?          

In response to Eisen’s comment about players like Rodgers and Luck being smart, deep thinking people, and whether that posed a possible red flag for NFL teams, Rodgers responded:

“I think it’s probably a ridiculous view by folks who don’t have any creativity or any other interests outside of the thing right in front of them 24-7," he said. "I think the beauty in this game is meeting teammates who have interests outside of football.

You meet guys who are incredible musicians or really interested in travel or charitable work or whatnot," he said. "I think having interests is what allows you to have that balance off the field, which I think makes your on-the-field or at-the-stadium or in-the-facility work that much more important.

I think you can’t have enough of those type of guys who are well-rounded people and have a creativity and a curiosity about more than just ball because I think those guys get burnt out and those guys are not as relatable. When you’re talking about leaders, you need to find guys who can be relatable in the locker room.

I think people who only can ever talk about football are going to have a hard time relating to every person or multiple people in the locker room because guys have interests and you have to find ways to relate to them in the locker room to get them to buy into what you’re trying to do.”

It’s no wonder, then, why Rodgers has been highly regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s a well-rounded person first, which helps him be an all-around better athlete second.

Betting on the Packers

As of this writing, the Packer’s current odds to win Super Bowl 54 are at +1000, a significant jump after clinching the NFC North. If you haven’t found yourself a site to start placing bets, you can check out the best NFL betting sites here.

No prop bets on Rodger’s retirement have been made just yet, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s too soon to be imagining what kind of life Rodgers might lead once he rides off into the sunset and crosses over into non-football world.

We can’t wait to see what another decade with his talent in this game might bring.



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