Superhot VR Gets Sales Over $2 Million In Single Week

Joanna Estrada
December 31, 2019

Callum Underwood, Director of Special Projects at SUPERHOT Team, announced that SUPERHOT VR generated over $2 million over the past week alone.

SUPERHOT VR is available across Oculus, Steam and PlayStation VR, so there are plenty of ways for potential players to pick the game up. It's also available in PC for the non-VR version of the game. Underwood said that their analysts are confident of the numbers.

Celebrations are in order for SUPERHOT Team, since the studio's SUPERHOT VR had a big week during the holidays. We tend not to involve ourselves in "VR is dead" or "year of VR?' conversations, as we mostly just enjoy making games... and then working on making those games make money!"

The success can also count for the Christmas sales of the different VR hardware.

In a subsequent tweet, Underwood explained that sales numbers for specific platforms can't be shared, because "each platform does not allow it". Of course, there are also more recent examples of great VR games, including the likes of Boneworks, Asgard's Wrath and Stormland.

He thanked the designers and developers of Superhot VR for making the business side of things a lot easier.

KitGuru Says: SUPERHOT VR is one of my favourite virtual reality games. However, in VR, you get more interactive control, with the ability to throw objects, punch enemies and physically move around bullets to avoid getting hit. It has a positive score of 83 for Metacritic. Viveport Infinity is the top VR subscription (and the only game subscription inside of the VR community) and has had SUPERHOT for almost a month.

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