Warren made almost $2 million from legal work

Elias Hubbard
December 10, 2019

In total Ms Warren earned at least $1.9m in compensation from dozens of clients over that period, the files say.

The other two frontrunner candidates who are frequently seen neck-and-neck with Biden in Democratic polls, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, both fared worse than Biden and Buttigieg in Arizona, according to the poll conducted between December 3-4.

Buttigieg called on McKinsey on Saturday to release him from the nondisclosure agreement he had signed.

Last month Ms Warren's wealth tax campaign advertisement attacking billionaires prompted pushback from some of its targets.

The latest hypothetical general election matchup poll for December 2019 released on Monday shows Biden with 44 percent of support among overall voters compared to Trump's 45 percent, while Buttigieg is at 43 percent to Trump's 45 percent in a head-to-head matchup.

Warren, a leading candidate among the 15 Democrats vying for the party´s nomination to take on President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election, had already put out 11 years of tax returns in April and called on other candidates to follow suit.

Warren's campaign said Sunday's disclosure provides more information on her business income than releasing additional, past tax returns would because her tax documents don't fully itemize earnings the same way the details it released do.

She's demanded, in her turn, that Buttigieg share more details about his own past work at consulting giant McKinsey. In some cases, she worked with a group of consultants.

The Warren campaign made the documents public on Sunday.

That may have opened her up to criticism that she herself has profited from the corporate world. She earned $18,708.50 aiding the interests of LTV Steel, which wanted to limit its payments into a fund for miners' health benefits.

Warren told the Globe in 2012 she was focused in her legal work on ensuring that companies going through bankruptcy could set up trusts to pay out victims. But many companies, like Travelers, would only agree to them if they received protection from future lawsuits. The campaign was also unable to find compensation records for a handful of cases, including on her consulting work for the former directors of Getty Oil after Texaco went bankrupt.

Some of her income had already been disclosed, like the $212,335 she made representing Travelers in the asbestos-related case.

The Times noted that the disclosure showed Warren additionally worked many cases for free, including no compensation for representing a MA environmental lawyer or in two cases for the AARP.

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