Put your face in GIFs with Snapchat's new Cameos feature

Joanna Estrada
December 10, 2019

Gif: SnapSometimes social media dipsomania comes into harsh relief, as it did today when the technology wars manifested themselves as the ability to superimpose your face on a cat: aka, Snapchat's new social drug "Cameos".

So, in essence, it will focus on the humorous side of deepfakes, rather than the potential misuse. Snapchat told TechCrunch that Cameos will be available "soon".

Here's the kind of videos it will create Working How Cameo would work? The video aimed to show the world the consequences of deepfake videos.

Now, lawmakers are looking for a solution to filter what's real and what's deepfake.

Snapchat has made 150 quick circling video cuts with the sound that you'll be able to glance over with new ones coming each week.

First spotted by Snapchat users in France, Cameo uses selfies to morph faces into GIFs. Snapchat has confirmed to the folks at TechCrunch that the which makes GIFs interactive is now being tested and that it will roll out soon enough.

It will be a good substitute of Bitmoji for quickly conveying an emotion, reaction, or silly situation in the messages of Snapchat. Then you tap on the Bitmoji button from the messaging keyboard since that's where Cameos is located.

Why it matters: Marketers can use Snapchat's monthly report to gauge the evolving interests of Gen Z which combined with millennials make up 90 percent of the platform's user base.

Cameo could put a more fun spin on technology for grafting faces into videos.

Here's a breakdown of how to use Snapchat Cameos.

This is basically what isolates how Snapchat expects to utilize deepfake versus the malevolent substance on the web that has been utilized for counterfeit news. Called Cameo, the new feature would let Snapchat users express their feelings through interesting videos using a single selfie image. The feature is now in beta version and a global rollout is expected on December 18, for both Android and iOS.

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