'Hungry artist' eats $120000 piece of art

Lawrence Kim
December 10, 2019

Miami art collectors Billy and Beatrice Cox, who purchased the piece for $120,000 last week, according to a relative, gave a statement to Page Six saying, "We are acutely aware of the blatant absurdity of the fact that "Comedian" is an otherwise cheap and perishable piece of produce and a couple of inches of duct tape". David Datuna, a performance artist, was recorded on video (above) pulling the banana off the wall at Art Basel and calmly munching eating it on 8 December, just days after the big sale.

A banana duct-taped to a wall, the piece of art sold for six figures, was already stealing the show at a Florida gallery, drawing massive crowds and tons of publicity. They said it, ahem, a-peeled to them, because "people who usually would not have been so interested in art wanted to see 'the banana.' It has opened the floodgates and morphed into an important debate about the value we place on works of art and objects in general".

"Art performance", said Datuna, "Hungry artist". It was art performance from me. I love Maurizio Cattelan artwork and I really love this installation.

"This has brought a lot of tension and attention to the booth and we're not into spectacles".

Art and a nutritious and delicious snack - what more can you ask for, eh? We want to thank the organizers of the fair for their help and continued support.

Art Basel is a for-profit, privately owned and managed, global art fair held annually in Switzerland, Florida and Hong Kong. 'Comedian, ' with its simple composition, ultimately offered a complex reflection of ourselves.

According to the gallery, the banana installation "Comedian" is a reflection of a Lucille Bluth Arrested Development joke about affluent and powerful people not knowing the cost of a banana. The couple bought one of three "editions" of the piece.

Reportedly, the artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, which means the owners, at any point of time, can replace the banana. The banana is the idea.

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