Boy slept on hospital floor due to lack of beds

Elias Hubbard
December 9, 2019

He replied: "I'm very proud of what we're doing to rebuild Leeds General Infirmary and it's one of the hospitals we will rebuild from the beginning, it'll be a fantastic project". His mother said: "The NHS is in crisis".

Jack was taken to his GP last Tuesday, with vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing and a fever. He had been ill for six days with what the GP had thought was a virus, but as he had not improved he was taken by ambulance to the accident and emergency unit of LGI.

Mrs Williment told The Mirror: "He kept asking to lay down".

"Within four hours a decision was made to admit Jack to our Children's Assessment and Treatment (CAT) Unit for further monitoring overnight". He started falling asleep and he ended up going to sleep on a pile of coats.

She said that hospital staff were "all as helpful as they could be" but "there simply aren't enough beds to cope with the high level of demand".

Sarah Williment said it was "chaos", and her son, who has suspected pneumonia, then had to wait for five hours on a trolley before a bed was found.

He was later diagnosed with flu and tonsillitis, and discharged home the next day.

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: "Refusing to even look at an image of a child suffering because of Conservative cuts to the NHS is a new low for Boris Johnson".

Boris Johnson pocketed the reporter's phone during an interview today.

Johnson responded by saying: "What we are doing is we are taking this country forward and we are investing in the NHS, and what would be the worst thing possible would be to have a government that is mired in more deadlock, more disarray and unable to move forward".

Andy McDonald, Labour's shadow secretary for transport, said Mr Johnson's response was an "utter disgrace". "On the whole, I think the NHS do a wonderful, wonderful job - I support them massively, but we need to be putting money in".

Liberal Democrat Luciana Berger said: "This young boy's experience is absolutely shameful and deeply upsetting".

"We are increasing the bed availability in our Children's Hospital and our Children's Assessment and Treatment Unit will be relocating to a larger area in the new year".

Instead, he took the phone from Mr Pike and put it in his pocket.

Mr Johnson then took the phone out of his pocket, looked at the photo on the screen, and said: "It's a awful, bad photo".

When confronted by ITV political reporter Joe Pike, Johnson said he'd "just been told about it by the BBC", but would not take the opportunity to look at the picture being shown to him on the phone held out by the reporter.

"You refuse to look at the photo, you've taken my phone and put it in your pocket, prime minister", Pike says as Johnson can be seen reaching into his left pocket and pulling the phone out while muttering, "I'm sorry".

Having earlier apologised on LBC to patients, the Prime Minister said on camera: "Obviously, I want everybody to have the best possible experience in the NHS and I have every possible sympathy with people who don't".

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