Scorpion on United Airlines flight stings passenger FOX News

Marco Green
December 8, 2019

An unnamed woman who traveled aboard a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Atlanta on Thursday morning, December 5, 2019, reported that she began noticing a stinging sensation in her leg mid-flight. The woman shared a photo of the scorpion with TMZ and said it was stung "multiple" times during Thursday's flight. When it continued, she went to the bathroom and discovered the creature. A female passenger who felt a stinging sensation reportedly inspected herself in the aircraft's bathroom, only to discover a scorpion in the leg of her trousers.

Natalie Noonan, a spokesperson for United Airlines, confirmed to USA TODAY that a passenger had been stung. The statement added that the customer was taken to a local hospital and further said that they are being in touch with the customer to ensure her well-being.

A routine flight across the United States came to resemble a scene from a freakish Hollywood film after a passenger was bitten by a scorpion. There, the scorpion fell from his trousers and the flight attendants rushed to capture the poisonous creature.

In a statement to USA Today, United Airlines confirmed the bite and said the crew "responded immediately".

"After learning that one of our customers on the 1554 flight from San Francisco to Atlanta was stung during the flight, our crew responded immediately and consulted with a MedLink ground doctor who provided medical advice", he said. said the representative of the airline. Pictures shared by CBC showed the scorpion trapped inside a clear plastic cup after it had stung her just prior to the plane landing.

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