Banana Duct-Taped to Wall Selling for $120K at Florida Art Gallery

Lawrence Kim
December 6, 2019

The art world is known for taking the mundane and turning it into something unique and lovely, but netizens are struggling to justify the hefty $120,000 price tag placed on several bananas duct-taped to a wall.

Two editions of the banana-and-duct-tape art were presented by French contemporary gallery Perrotin at Art Basel on Wednesday, and both sold for $120,000 apiece.

Aa odd artwork that was sold for a whopping amount of $120,000 is grabbing eyeballs.

Cattelan - who picked the banana for his artwork from a Miami supermarket - has reportedly made a decision to sell the third edition to a museum, with two institutions already having expressed interest.

Cattelan - who is known for creating satirical sculptures that make statements about pop culture - titled the work "Comedian", and the piece marks his first in an art fair in 15 years, the gallery told CNN.

The artist and owner of the Perrotin Gallery, where the piece is being displayed, worked together to arrive at the three-figure price tag in a bid to "strike a balance between an insignificant number that would trivialise the work, and an outlandish one that would be completely ridiculous".

Oh, and in case you're wondering what they're supposed to do when the banana goes a bit brown and yukky, they can simply replace it with a fresh one - the Miami Herald reports.

There are no clear instructions about what to do if the bananas start to decompose.

© Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images for Lavazza Artist Maurizio Cattelan pictured at a recent event in Milan, Italy.

The artist was first inspired to make "Comedian" a year ago.

"Back then, Cattelan was thinking of a sculpture that was shaped like a banana", it reads. Perrotin could not immediately be reached for comment on whether a sale has gone through. "Every time he travelled, he brought a banana with him and hung it in his hotel room to find inspiration".

The functioning toilet - titled "America" - had been part of Cattelan's exhibition "Victory is Not an Option". Five people have been arrested but the toilet has yet to be recovered.

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