Peloton Stock Dropped 7% After Everybody Started Mocking Its Holiday Ad Online

Joanna Estrada
December 4, 2019

Picture the pitch for Peloton's Holiday ad as a Madison Avenue advertising executive outlines the plot to the indoor bike brand's marketing chiefs ...

The 30-second ad, unfortunately titled "The Gift That Gives Back", quickly went viral for its tone-deaf and "sexist" message of a man gifting his wife something that would help her lose weight - and her desperate need to document the physical change, critics said. She comes downstairs Christmas morning to see the present waiting for her, as Tal Bachman's "She's So High" plays in the background.

"Her grim motivation that pushes her to tug herself off the bed mixed with exclaiming on the digital camera how blatantly, inexplicably nervous the Peloton makes her paint a bleak portrait of a lady within the thrall of a machine created to erode her spirit because it sculpts her quads", Vice's Katie Means wrote.

A picture not of delight, but rather a mixture of Brad Pitt's face when he opens THAT box in Seven, and Emma Thompson's in Love Actually when she realises her husband has given her a CD rather than the jewellery she had been expecting (the intended recipient of which is a much younger work colleague).

Those who saw the ad were immediately outraged, calling out the husband's unhealthy control over his wife, and her odd compulsion to please him with a fitness transformation.

"No offense to the Peloton lady but if your Christmas gift to me is just a video of you using the Christmas gift I got you previous year then you're not getting another Christmas present from me again". "Chill out", wrote @jtrain56.

As a new commercial from Peloton makes clear, one of the best ways to accomplish this goal (of buying the ideal gift) is to give your loved ones stationary bikes that hold them hostage for at least a year of anxiety-soaked daily exercise.

"Idk why everyone's hating on this #peloton ad".

Comedian Eva Victor created a profanity-laced parody of the commercial in which she serves her husband with divorce papers at the end.

NBC News reached out to Peloton for comment but did not receive a response.

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