Zuckerberg defends allowing false ads on Facebook, saying company shouldn’t be ‘censoring’

Elias Hubbard
December 3, 2019

Until late November, the dinner of two of the world's most powerful people went unreported.

FacebookCEO Mark Zuckerberg made time for a private dinner with President Donald Trump while in Washington for a congressional hearing in October.

The most awkward man in tech for some reason recently made a decision to sit for an interview with CBS's morning news co-host Gayle King to discuss, along with his wife Priscilla Chan, the duo's Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.

Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan appeared on "CBS This Morning" in an interview with Gayle King in the offices of The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.

At least one prominent politician has called out the dinner, which was unreported by Facebook and the White House until NBC News published a piece in late November. Which, of course, is something Trump's campaign has done. "I also want to respect that it was also a private discussion".

"You were in D.C. recently".

A Facebook report of advertisements run in the seven days to November 30 showed just 201 Conservative adverts were in the platform's Ad Library, with the party spending thousands of pounds less than the Liberal Democrats, Labour or Brexit Party in that time.

Q: What was the nature of your meeting with Trump?

Zuckerberg then attempted his best non-specific answer.

When asked where ads should be allowed even if they contain false information, he responded: "I think that people should be able to judge for themselves the character of politicians".

ZUCKERBERG: "Ah, sure, I mean, we talked about, ahm, a number of things that were on his mind, and, um, some of the topics that you'd read about in the news around, around, um, our work".

Zuckerberg's response is something to behold. "I don't think a private company should censor politicians or news".

"There is no doubt that there are real issues we need to continue working on", he said, adding, "I think it's important not only to lose sight of the huge good that can be done by bringing people together and build a community". The King of Sharing defended his reluctance to discuss specifics of the meeting because of, wait for it, privacy.

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