Tiffany Haddish’s condition to host Oscars 2020 is a hoot

Lawrence Kim
December 3, 2019

However, a continuing rumor about Tiffany Haddish's potential exposure to the awards has become so popular that Tonight Show presenter Jimmy Fallon made a decision to ask her about it during a special Sunday holiday episode. During Sunday night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the star revealed what the Academy Awards would look like if she were to host.

The Hollywood Reporter held a reader poll in November about who should be the new host, which Haddish won resoundingly.

The comedienne also let fans know what they could expect if she was hosting, including twerking contests.

The actress responded by saying: 'That's what's up, that's probably the whole African diaspora, ' before stating that she would host the Oscars, on two conditions. "Like, I don't want all that pressure on me 'cause I'm gonna lose my hair and then I'm gonna have to really wear wigs all the time".

If the price was right Haddish said she would definitely host.

Though she's rather hesitant to take on the gig, Haddish promised that her version of the Oscars would be "hot" and "so much fun". We'd have twerk contests and everything. Yeah, I would get Meryl Streep up there to twerk with Susan Sarandon.

Haddish announced the Oscars nominations in 2018 and presented an award with Maya Rudolph at the 2018 ceremony. "[I kept thinking] Maybe I wasn't good enough, thinking maybe, you know, oh, I'm a girl, I shouldn't do this". "As long as I get a paycheck".

After retracting comic Kevin Hart's invitation to host the Oscars in 2019 after (re) discovering several homophobic tweets and jokes, the annual television program opted for a hostless format.

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