Link Heads to Super Mario Maker 2 Game in New Update!

Joanna Estrada
December 2, 2019

When Mario becomes Link he's able to use the character's abilities, ranging from smacking enemies with his sword to the warrior's iconic down-strike. The latter will actually transform your Mario into Link (only in the Super Mario Bros. theme, just like the first game), but it's not just a skin!

Hold onto your Minish Caps, Legend of Zelda fans: Nintendo has announced a medley of new features and items available in Super Mario Maker 2, one of which lets you don the green garb of the Hylian hero.

"Transforming into Link using the Master Sword opens up a whole new world of design possibilities for creators".

An incoming update for Super Mario Maker 2 lands on December 5, and includes a "Master Sword" item that turns Mario into Link from the Legend of Zelda series.

Elsewhere, the update introduces classic enemies like Spike and Pokey. Link's bombs also allow some walls that would normally be impassable by Mario and friends to be blown up and clear a new path. In this mode, you'll be able to compete with other players for the fastest completion time in a number of Nintendo-made courses.

Finally, elsewhere in this update, there's a new speedrun mode. You'll see ghosts of other players' runs - represented by Ninji - as you play, giving you an idea of where you need to improve in order to snag the record. "During the event, players will be ranked by their play time in that course".

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