Cosmic Crisp: New apple that 'lasts for a year'

Marco Green
December 2, 2019

The Cosmic Crisp, a crossbreed of Honeycrisp and Enterprise varieties, can allegedly last in a refrigerator for up to a year.

Locally, QFC's University Village location in Seattle and Sterino Farms in Puyallup got shipments on Sunday.

They call it the Cosmic Crisp.

Although Washington state grows the majority of the United States' apples, it's the first apple ever bred here. And depending on who you ask, its rollout is either "unprecedented", a "game changer", or "the largest launch of a single produce item in American history". While only 450,000 40-pound (18-kilogram) boxes will be available for sale this year, that will jump to more than 2 million boxes in 2020 and more than 21 million by 2026.

Zoom out: Under a unique licensing agreement, Washington farmers have been given the exclusive rights to grow the new variety until 2027. In addition to high resistance to bruising, the Cosmic Crunch apple can be kept in controlled atmosphere storage for 12 months, in a fridge for six months or longer and on the shelf at room temperature for several weeks. The Cosmic Crunch apple is hitting shelves today in the USA, and through careful development across two decades, is promised to offer fans of the fruit an extra juicy and crispy experience, with a storage life of up to 12 months when kept in the right conditions. "It's ultra-crisp, very juicy and has a good balance of sweetness and tartness".

The variety was originally known as WA38 and the name Cosmic Crisp was inspired by the scattering of tiny white spots on its dark red skin, resembling the night sky.

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