Shenmue III is finally out after an 18-year wait

Joanna Estrada
November 22, 2019

The wait is over. Ryo Hazuki's hunt for his father's killer is back on! "As with Shenmue 3, the Shenmue story is with you". The game's Kickstarter (which was one of its primary forms of funding) quickly became the most funded video game Kickstarter of all time, having raised over $6 million from fans. He also mentions the studio's success making Shenmue 3 feel distinctly Shenmue, something GamesRadar's Shenmue 3 hands-on preview expands upon in detail. I'm happy we were able to include the distinct "Shenmue" charm throughout the game.

When the curtain falls and the credits roll on the new game, the letter from Suzuki thanks those who pledged to create Shenmue 3: "this project would not exist without your love, support, and the connections we've made along the way".

In a heartfelt letter to fans thanking them for allowing him to continue Shenmue with the long-awaited release of Shenmue III, Yu Suzuki let it be known that this is his legacy. It's available on both PS4 and PC, though its Epic Games Store exclusivity on PC has been the cause of some controversy. You can get the standard edition for $49.99, as well as a special Deluxe Edition for $64.98. Although his job will be made easier or harder depending on how well the game sells with non-backers. With profound appreciation for all that you have done, I am happy to finally present to you Shenmue 3.

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