Michael Bloomberg Apologizes for "Stop and Frisk" Methods Used by NYPD

Lawrence Kim
November 18, 2019

Bloomberg said, "Over time, I've come to understand something that I long struggled to admit to myself: I got something important wrong". "However, today, I want you to know that I realize back then that I was wrong, and I'm sorry".

"In recent months as I've thought about my future, I've been thinking more about my past, and coming to terms where I came up short", Bloomberg said at the predominantly black Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn on Sunday morning, his first public appearance since teasing a potential presidential run.

Bloomberg said his preoccupation with driving down crime blinded him to toxic impact that aggressive stops of young black and Latino men caused with the police.

Taking questions from the audience during the United States Naval Academy's 2019 Leadership Conference, Bloomberg was told by a Naval Academy midshipman that "there have been a lot of controversies surrounding your support of the policy of stop and frisk that was being used by law enforcement to target African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans". "We said in the early 2000s that the quota-driven emphasis on street stops was polluting the relationship between cops and our communities", the statement continues. I was totally focused on saving lives.

According to the New York Times, in Brooklyn, Bloomberg apologized to a mostly black crowd for the program which disproportionally targeted Latinx and black communities.

The policy was the subject of numerous federal lawsuits against the city.

Bloomberg said during his past year in office stops fell by 94 percent and crime and continued to drop as it has under his successor, Mayor Bill de Blasio. But as crime continued to come down as we reduced stops and as it continued to come down during the next administration to its credit, I now see that we could and should have acted sooner. "And I am sorry". "But I can't change history".

His reversal comes as he considers whether to compete for the Democratic nomination for president, a contest in which African-American voters are highly influential.

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