Pokemon Sword and Shield final trailer ups the ante

Joanna Estrada
November 12, 2019

Earlier this 12 months, Game Freak discovered itself in scorching water after confirming that Pokemon Sword and Defend won't function the National Pokedex. Nevertheless, it seems these vocal minority of followers might want to get use to lacking Pokemon, as a result of it seems like the entire Pokedex isn't coming again.

Are you planning on buying the game day one?

A Japanese-only (so far) trailer released today reveals two new Pokemon featured in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: a spooky, runic Pokemon; and Mr. Mime with an all new look. As the game is released on 15 November, you probably want to play at midnight. Up until now it hasn't been possible to encounter every Pokemon in every game, so people had to transfer them from old games to the new game, by using Pokemon Bank for example.

We also get yet another look at all of the Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing action in the region, see more of the gym leaders, and glimpses of a train station and the Glimwood Tangle forest area.

That stated, whereas your favourite Pokemon might not be in Sword and Defend it doesn't suggest they will not return sooner or later.

To date, Nintendo has sold over 4.5 billion video games including leading franchises such as Pokémon, Mario, Fire Emblem and the Legend of Zelda - and more than 710 million hardware units.

The eighth-generation titles will be unveiled on November 15 on the Nintendo Switch and Amazon is offering Shield and Sword for $62.10 with free shipping.

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