Labour candidate in Aberdeenshire quits in anti-Semitism row

Elias Hubbard
November 8, 2019

A Labour election candidate quit yesterday after it emerged she had compared the actions of Israel to those of a child abuser.

Kate Ramsden stood down in the Gordon constituency after the Jewish Chronicle highlighted a blog post from her.

"The [Labour Pary] headquarters of the party found these publications during a background check on Ramsden, and we informed the party branch in Scotland", explained a Labour official.

"Two weeks before you took the decision to suspend me in February, we met in Parliament and you revealed that the real reason for the Parliamentary Labour Party's venom against me was my advocacy for open selection, a primary system that would allow grassroots members to decide who should stand for Parliament before every election".

Ms Ramsden, who campaigns heavily on the Israel-Palestine conflict, also reportedly said Palestinian activists were "targeted with spurious allegations of antisemitism" on a weekly basis.

'Group in Labour HQ chanced on these posts when conducting extra due diligence checks.

Prior to her resignation, Ramsden was called by the party for an inquiry, which - at the end - as noted, the party member announced her resignation from running for election in the upcoming United Kingdom general election on December 12.

She said: "I am criticizing the blog written by the Israeli government at the peak of the bombing in Gaza".

"I can see why many Jewish people have been hurt by my words".

Ms Hoole, who was running against SNP incumbent Joanna Cherry, posted a meme with the slogan "bang and the Terf is gone".

"I apologised about the actual content of the meme".

Frances Hoole has apologized.

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