How The Future Of Online Gambling Sphere Looks Like?

Elias Hubbard
November 7, 2019



Online gambling is a billion-dollar industry that has recently reported record-breaking revenues and an influx of new players. While games of chance have always been popular entertainment, unprecedented growth can be attributed to exciting new technologies and ground-breaking ideas. Some of these advances, like live dealer games, are widely available; others, like using Apple Pay for gambling transactions are growing trends; and some, like virtual reality, are still in the creation phase. Modern players appreciate innovative games, increased access, diverse payment methods, gamification of sites, and enhanced security measures. 

Innovative Games

Perhaps the most obvious improvement in online gambling is the availability of games. Classic slots and table games are still at the core of most casino offerings, but the addition of live dealer games, games of skill, 3D graphics, and high-quality audio gives returning players the chance to try new titles and attracts new customers as well. 

As the industry grows, so too does the number of software developers. Over the past twenty years, there have been dozens of new developers who have brought new ideas to the iGaming community. 

Increased Access

Another reason for the rapid growth is easy to access and convenience. Internet availability and mobile gaming have changed the way consumers play. Rather than traveling to the land-based casino, people can now enjoy all the same great features from their computers and mobile devices. Without the restrictions of time and distance, players can connect instantly to their favorite casino online from anywhere.

Diverse Payment Methods

Making deposits and withdrawals is a crucial part of the casino experience. Today’s players expect fast payouts and convenient banking. One of the newest arrivals to online gaming is Google Pay. This popular e-wallet now offers UK and New Zealand gamers a safe, reliable, and free option. Available on PCs, Android, and Apple, there is no downside except that it is hard to find gaming operators that accept such payments. It's better to find the ever-increasing list of Apple Pay casino platforms at reliable gambling blogs like Casino HEX. It may help you to avoid scams and unnecessary problems with making withdrawals.


Along with innovative games, online gambling sites work hard to enhance the entire gaming experience. Gamification makes it more fun and more personal. The ability to connect with other players, take part in tournaments, and earn and display badges appeals to ultra-social consumers. 

Aside from social factors, casino sites themselves are gamified. Using creative themes, charming characters, and tournament-style rewards programs, the experience begins at the first log-on.

Enhanced Security

The online gambling boom is a worldwide phenomenon. Casino sites in every country are racing to keep up with the newest trends and technologies. As the industry grows, the need for secure platforms becomes more important. People want to know their personal and banking info is safe, that’s why gaming platforms use 128-bit encryption, zero-day virus detection, and advanced network security protocols to protect players from fraud and hackers. 

Not only has technology improved security measures, but there has also been a push for a centralized regulatory authority. As the world goes global, leaders from all countries can easily meet, collaborate, and establish rules that ensure fairness and transparency.

What is next for the Online Gambling Sphere?

As long as the demand for new gaming technologies continues to grow (and we certainly think it will), then the casino owners and software developers will continue to produce exciting new technologies that satisfy consumer desires. 

In less than twenty years, the industry has gone from basic offerings to immersive live games that can be enjoyed from remote locations. While we can anticipate things like virtual reality and blockchain technology, the truth is we can’t imagine what they will come up with next. In the meantime, we are happy to reap the benefits of the boom in online gaming.

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