How Online Gaming Has Changed Casinos Forever

Elias Hubbard
Октября 25, 2019


Nothing has changed casinos more than the inexorable rise of online gaming; there is absolutely no denying that fact. Advances in slot machines in the 1960s and then again in the 80s certainly changed the face of casinos at the time, but it does not even come close to the impact that online casino gambling had when it properly came about.


Suddenly anyone with a good online connection could basically go to the casino, all from the comfort of their own home. Casino’s move onto the Internet also meant that the standard of games such as online slots could get exponentially better, pulling in more and more gamblers by the day. Land-based casinos must have been worried when the online sector first started rising to prominence, but if anything it has actually served to make the whole industry stronger. But how has online gaming changed casinos forever? Read on to find out.


The Casino Is Online Now 

As we mentioned, more often that not these days you are more likely to find a casino online rather than on-land – something that drastically changes the entire complexion of casino as a whole. Online gaming, in particular online slots, have resulted in the casino landscape being forever different to when it started, and this shift in platform is one of the biggest reasons for it.


Major Strides In Technological Advancements 

Because the Internet has far less limitations to it in comparison to the world of land-based casinos, technological advancements have been rife over the last two decades. One must only look at the current online video slot industry to see this, developers such as NetEnt or Microgaming have been consistently raising the bar to a truly stupendous level.


Graphics, general gameplay, themes and narratives… online slots are getting better across the board, and it is all down to technological progress. Of course, this filters down into land-based casinos now as well, many of which possessing some seriously wicked physical slot machines that would not have been possible without the online explosion.


Massively Increased Popularity 

Better and more enticing games naturally means that more people than ever are flocking to casinos, both on-land and online. Online gaming has enabled far more of the public to experience casino gambling, and therefore the whole market has grown alongside the increased demand for it.


Just look at the TV these days, there are countless adverts for all kinds of casino, testimony to how many people are playing it in the 21st Century. One thing is for certain, without the influence of online gaming this definitely would not have been the case.


Huge Revenue Growth 

And you know what more players means don’t you? Far more profit, something that has resulted in the online casino industry becoming one of the fastest growing revenue sources in the world. The great thing here is this gets invested back into the online games themselves, subsequently making them even better and more alluring.

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