Disneyland Visitor Contracts Measles, May Have Infected Others

Henrietta Strickland
Октября 25, 2019

Cases continue to be confirmed daily in Auckland and elsewhere.

Authorities are warning Disneyland guests of a possible measles exposure after an infected guest visited the park earlier this month.

During a presser on Thursday 24, the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng encouraged all guardians and parents whose children have not been immunised to visit the health facilities within their respective districts to enable their children access the MR and Polio vaccines.

The MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine protects against measles and is free for everyone.

The local priority remained making sure that young children got their shots on time and that older children who had not been vaccinated could have a dose, he said.

Medical officer of health for Toi Te Ora Public Health Dr Jim Miller said the vaccine supply was sufficient for them to focus on having children vaccinated at 15 months and four years.

It's the latest scare in a 2019 that has seen a record number of measles cases across the globe, largely due to anti-vaccination movements.

"Ideally 95% of our community should be vaccinated against measles to be protected against further outbreaks and to protect those who can not be vaccinated", says Dr Miller.

According to the CDC, measles is an infectious disease that presents with a high fever, cough, runny nose, red, watery eyes, tiny white spots in the back of the throat, and a distinctive rash. Just being in the same room as someone with measles can lead to infection if you are not immune. Officials are encouraging people to review their immunization histories and ccontact their doctors if they begin showing symptoms. Most of the time, symptoms appear between seven and 14 days after initial exposure, and the rash appears three to five days after that.

There have been 19 measles cases among L.A. County residents this year and 11 non-resident cases that traveled through the region, excluding Long Beach and Pasadena.

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