Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn's daughters thrilled with new film

Lawrence Kim
October 21, 2019

In the new Lifetime movie Patsy & Loretta premiering this weekend, Broadway darlings Megan Hilty and Jessie Mueller star as two of country music's most beloved stars: Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. That daughter is now 61, and Julie Fudge just co-produced the Lifetime movie Patsy & Loretta with Loretta Lynn's daughter, Patsy Lynn.

The movie focusses on the life of two singers and their path to stardom. The role was quite challenging to Mueller as she considered that these females (patsy and Loretta) couldn't be copied as nobody could be like them, though she claims that both of them (Meghan and Jessie) tried to maintain the authenticity so that the movie could fetch some good appreciation from the audience. Scenes showing "how hard it was when she would have to leave" are also in line with how Julie reacted to Patsy going on the road.

There are always emotional moments when we deal with Mom and her legacy and her music and telling her story. So she flies nicely between country and L.L. "But at the same time we really like sharing, it keeps her alive, it keeps her vivid". Whether or not I will be successful, it doesn't matter, I'm going to do this so you can either help me or get out of my way kind of thing. "[Patsy and Loretta] is just such a happy program that I really didn't feel a lot of sadness. I actually felt kind of warm and comfortable". She was in the hospital listening to the radio when she heard a real down-home newcomer say, "I want to sing this song for Patsy Cline". The movie shows Cline saying she wanted two things - hit records and babies. She was a young girl.

Cline died in a plane crash in 1963 at the age of 30. "I appropriate fell madly in admire alongside with her the more I realized about what she'd been via and the blueprint in which she'd persevered and get turn out to be it into something horny".

From left: Patsy in Nashville in the 1950s; Julie Fudge in 2019; Patsy's family as portrayed in "Patsy and Loretta".

It's those treasured times that give Julie the strength to move past her loss, and honor Patsy with projects likePatsy and Loretta. Creating this museum has really shown me how far reaching her career was. They first met when Patsy Cline was already one of the biggest stars in country music, recovering from a serious auto crash.

"When I was little, my mother and I would color and she had her own coloring book and I was not allowed to color in her coloring book", Julie recalls. "They're lyrically driven, which is why the songs touched so many people", explained Hilty who is remarkable at capturing Patsy Cline's iconic voice and styling.

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