Mick Mulvaney missteps draw scrutiny from Trump allies

Elias Hubbard
October 21, 2019

Mulvaney's defense of the president comes as reports emerge that there was an internal effort in the White House to push out the acting chief of staff - an effort that was put on hold as the impeachment inquiry commenced.

'That's why we held up the money, ' Mulvaney said Thursday afternoon after listing the 2016-related investigation and Trump's broader concerns about corruption in Ukraine.

Trump has faced unprecedented GOP opposition to his decision to withdraw USA troops from northern Syria, including blunt criticism from the usually loyal Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and a stampede of Republicans supporting a House resolution denouncing his Syrian policy.

Since Mulvaney made the stunning admission on Thursday, he has been walking the remarks back and shifting the blame to the media, insisting his words have been misconstrued.

The news conference on Thursday left aides in the West Wing dumbfounded at the former SC congressman's performance and some quarters of Trump's orbit - the Justice Department and Trump's personal attorney, among them - dissociating themselves from his account.

Scaramucci says Trump's approval ratings among Republicans are high but "those are superficial numbers".

Mulvaney, when announcing the venue of the summit last week, said that Trump would make the resort available "at cost" and would not profit.

"You said three reasons", the "Fox News Sunday" host said. One person familiar with Mulvaney's thinking said the search came as Mulvaney himself was looking for an exit after ten months in the role, though people close to Mulvaney have denied he wanted to leave.

Trump, while initially blocking the aid to Ukraine, eventually released the money to Kyiv.

After voicing how she thought Trump's trying to host the summit was an attempt to cash in on the presidency, Warren tweeted: "Donald Trump is corruption in the flesh-we must call it out, and I have a plan to fight back". "It's legitimate to tie the aid to foreign aid to other countries", he added.

Mitt Romney, a United States senator and 2012 Republican presidential nominee, criticized Trump's actions in a recent interview, calling it "shocking" that Trump publicly said China and Ukraine should investigate political rival and former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

"This is completely appropriate, " Pompeo said, pointing out that in the past, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton took advice from Sidney Blumenthal and former ambassador Bill Richardson had been deputized to help on North Korea policy. "I can't imagine coming to a different point of view".

He cited "irrational hostility" of the media and Democrats for the change in plans.

Explaining why Trump had tried to lead an worldwide summit to one of the most president's private properties earlier than giving up on the root, Mulvaney talked about Trump "soundless considers himself to be in the hospitality enterprise". Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican who frequently allies himself with Trump, told Axios he would need to see more evidence before considering impeachment. You again said just a few seconds ago that I said there was a quid pro quo.

"What you described is a quid pro quo", Karl pressed.

"Republicans face a simple question: is the president allowed to pressure a foreign country into interfering in our elections?"

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