MLB Proposes Reducing The Number Of Minor League Teams

Ruben Hill
October 20, 2019

According to the proposal, Minor League Baseball would shrink from 160 teams to 120.

The current agreement between Major League Baseball and the minor league teams - called the Professional Baseball Agreement - expires at the end of the 2020 season. Additionally, MLB's proposal would reduce the draft to 20 rounds, reduce the number of contracted players in each organization, and alter the structure - with some affiliates moving up or down in level. "It always has been the responsibility of the Minor League owner to provide first class facilities in geographical areas that do not impose unreasonable travel burdens on our players". We don't talk about has a significant impact.

Facilities should adhere to a reasonable standard of comfort and function, and Major League Baseball has apparently determined that roughly 25 percent of all MiLB facilities "fall far below" a level deemed adequate for players in the pipelines of big-league clubs. He deferred the request to a public relations employee for Minor League Baseball. The teams at risk of losing their connection are teams with facilities that Major League Baseball regards as below par. The person also said minor league owners "want the status quo" rather than to upgrade facilities among lower-level teams.

And MLB wants MiLB to share in the increased costs that are going to come with increased player pay. Meanwhile, minor league teams are responsible for the maintaining their facilities up to MLB standards, according to Rule 58 of the MLB rule book. Failure to comply with the agreed upon standards could result in fines up to $250,000 and suspensions of owners and/or personnel.

MLB would take over how minor leagues are organized as far as affiliations and the geography of leagues. Because the aim here seems fairly clear: MLB wants to reduce its financial outlay in the minor leagues. Other former affiliated clubs would operate teams in an MLB-associated collegiate log club competition. The PBA is what establishes affiliations, leagues, teams, and establishes the framework by which Major League Baseball supplies minor league teams with players and coaches while minor league teams run the business and logistics side of things. Now the Washington Nationals' Triple-A affiliate, the Fresno Grizzlies, play nearly 2,700 miles from Nationals Park. "It's early in the negotiations, and that's the most I can say", said Pat O'Conner, president of Minor League Baseball. Two of those 120 teams would be the current independent franchises in Sugar Land, Texas and St. Paul, Minn, Cooper reports., leaving 42 of the current MiLB teams lagging behind an Major League Baseball franchise.

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