Pete the Fern takes world's first plant-powered selfie

Joanna Estrada
October 19, 2019

A plant referred to as Pete who lives at London Zoo has simply taken a selfie of itself.

Earlier this year, Zoological Society of London (ZSL) scientists installed the microbial fuel cells in London Zoo's Rainforest Life exhibit.

That's right.A maiden-hair fern named "Pete" at the London Zoo not only takes his own selfies.

"Plants naturally deposit biomatter as they grow", Davies explained.

This is an exciting new development for conservationists, as they have been able to harness the natural energy created by living plants to create small amounts of electricity, allowing them to "plug in" to nature.

He's doing extra than simply attempting to extend his Instagram sport - the success of the snap might revolutionise conservation world wide, scientists have stated.

"Meaning the potential for plant-powered energy is pretty much limitless", Davies added.

'Most vitality sources possess limits - batteries must peaceable be modified while photograph voltaic panels depend on a source of daylight - but flowers can reside on in the shade, naturally getting in plight to maximise the aptitude of attractive daylight - which implies the aptitude for plant-powered vitality is swish necessary limitless'.

The solution, enabled by ultra-low-powered technology from US firm, works around the clock on any device, while consuming such insignificant amounts of energy it can be activated by a small plant.

ZSL said the technology had the potential to monitor inhospitable and remote rainforest locations to record key data such as temperature, humidity and plant growth - all of which are crucial to the understanding of threats such as climate change and habitat loss.

"We've quite literally plugged in to nature to help protect the world's wildlife: Pete has surpassed our expectations and is now taking a photo every 20 seconds - he's been working so well we've even accidentally photobombed him a few times!" added Davies. "He's been working so well we've even accidentally photobombed him a few times".

'Seeing Pete's first selfie used to be an not doubtless moment for the ZSL crew who possess spent months monitoring and supporting his boost at ZSL London Zoo's Rainforest Life mark.

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