Get your flu shot, says Health Unit

Henrietta Strickland
October 17, 2019

Cennimo: The flu season ranges from October to as late as May, with peak activity between December and February.

The flu season officially started September 29, and San Juan Basin Public Health and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment urge everyone ages 6 months and older to get vaccinated, ideally before the end of October. People also should avoid congregating in public settings when they are ill to minimize the risk of infecting others. It is scientifically proven to help protect you.

Once the flu has arrived in the United States and enters a host, a body, the virus begins to copy itself.

Fatigue, coughing, a runny nose and nausea are signs of the flu. For those who become infected with the flu, most will spend a week or more at home recovering.

There's been a shipment delay with one of the companies that distributes the flu shot for those 65 and older.

"Well, I never did get the flu shot", said Thomas Gammel.

"Normally you pre-book, based on your previous years supply, but even that's a bit of a gamble, and I usually diversify because one manufacture might be delayed, and that's essentially what happened this year", said Martian.

Practicing proper hygiene and getting a flu vaccine are among the top preventive measures recommended for warding off the flu. It is most effective if started within the first 48 hours of symptoms, so it's important to call as soon as flu is suspected.

Each year, researchers predict what strains might make people sick.

You can get a flu shot at nearly every doctor's office or clinic.

Those older that 65 are also encouraged to get the higher dosage of the vaccine if available. Those places include Walgreens, Walmart, Bi-Mart Pharmacies, CVS and Rite Aid. People with long-term health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and liver disease are at greater risk of health difficulties associated with having the flu.

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