Fortnite Chapter 2 reveals the blueprint for the future of Epic’s collossus

Lawrence Kim
October 16, 2019

New features in Chapter 2 include water gameplay - like swimming, fishing and motorboats - a "bandage bazooka" to heal squad-mates, and group emotes like high fives and the ability to coordinate dances with other players. They are paying customers, and despite that, some feel they're simply not as important to Epic as the many free players who flood Battle Royale and the few whales who buy up skins and other cosmetics.

Epic Games has just launched the next phase of Fortnite, meaning that Fortnite Chapter 2 is now available to everyone. Read the patch notes below.

And now that I'm on a relatively even playing field with all the people who never stopped playing - who wants to help me get back into Fortnite? Today marks the launch of Chapter 2, and it brings along some significant changes.

A New Map: A totally new world with 13 new locations.

This isn't even accounting for all of the brand-new landmarks that appear around the map, or even the returning landmarks like Risky Reels.

In one scene, a player is seen carrying a downed teammate over their shoulders, while in another a player conceals themselves in a dumpster before springing out to surprise opponents. Players can dump surplus resources into upgrading their weapons. The Season 1 Battle Pass has also been introduced, and the lasts until December 12.

Following two days of server downtime, Fortnite Chapter 2 absolutely delivers on the hype many fans have speculated about. The overhauled arena is far more varied in its approach than the flat Island, which enhances the tactical nature of the mode.

Searching the #FirstDrop hashtag on Twitter, which is where everyone is posting about their first experiences in the rebooted Fortnite on the brand new map, rather a lot of players seem to have been getting Victory Royale wins straight out of the gate - an improbable amount, in fact. The coolest thing about the relaunch is that as soon as you sign into the game, you are immediately dropped into a solo match and a blank map to explore.

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