Roti Vs Chawal Divides Bigg Boss House

Lawrence Kim
October 10, 2019

Mahira tells Shefali that she talks bad about Shehnaz and is now trying to lend her support.

Well, it's not hidden that the two are sharing a special connection, however, very fewer people know that he has a girlfriend outside the house which he also mentioned in yesterday's episode. Paras says he smiled, and she didn't come with him. Paras says that she is playing the game and says that for him, his ego is more important. She tells Abu that Chhabra didn't wipe her tears even once. The nomination went more or less smoothly, but we saw tensions sparking between some contestants, such as Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla among others. Arti tells Siddharth that she values him like a friend and will always guide him. Aarti tells Paras Koena isn't fair. Whoever reaches first, chooses their queen, and breaks a pot with her opponent's name on it. Koena says he has "zero integrity".

Bigg Boss 13 Preview: Rashami and Devoleena in a still from the house. Shefali tells Dey that she wants to break Mahira's pot. He tells Mahira that he feels bad that she is pally with everyone but tells him to not talk to anyone. In the course of the task, Rashami also vents and expresses her trust issues with Aarti.

As per the promo, Shehnaaz Gill can be seen making an announcement - she is standing, on what appears to be podium and says that she will seek revenge (against those) who have breaken her heart. She also accuses Koena of changing sides when it comes to her selfish reasons. She was quoted saying "It's really sad to see all these hurtful words coming from a man like him". The two get into a tussle, where Koena tells Arti that unlike her she doesn't beg to get saved from nominations. Paras calls Koena "chaalak lombdi". The buzzer rings and Shukla gets the keys. Shukla brings Gill again, and she breaks Rashami's pot for fighting with Shukla again. She calls her fake and says that she will break her heart. Paras jumps into the swimming pool to save Mahira's pot. Mahira clears to Paras that she can not be second lead to Gill. The buzzer rings and Asim gets the key. She shares how she observed everyone's reactions to her nomination. Rashami gets shocked seeing Shehnaz broke her pot in anger. Rashami tells Mahira that she thought Arti was her good friend but she is seen gossiping. When he gives her the flower, she asks for key and Dey picks Rashami. Rashami's pot doesn't break. All the female contestants are queens, and the men are their guards.

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