NHS opens dedicated clinic for video game-addicted children

Henrietta Strickland
October 8, 2019

Following the World Health Organization's decision back in May to officially classify "Gaming Disorder" as a recognised illness, the NHS is set to open the UK's first specialist clinic, created to treat kids and young adults who healthcare professionals believe have developed an addiction to video games.

A Canadian law firm is now suing Epic Games for endangering two young people who have created Fortnite addiction.

A spokesman for the Affiliation of UK Interactive Entertainment stated: "Video games are performed healthily by hundreds of thousands of parents across the UK every day".

The NHS will hold consultations over Skype and the initiative is coordinated by the Center for Internet and Gaming Disorders.

The World Health Organisation describes "gaming disorder" as a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour so severe that it takes "precedence over other life interests".

A youngster identified only as Sam, who became addicted to gambling as a teenager, told the BBC programme: "It "totally changed my personality and my thought process, not just in my personality but in my everyday life".

A man, named only as Steve whose son was addicted, said: "It is awful".

This includes impaired control over gaming and putting priority on gaming over relationships, work and school life and spiralling financial costs.

Stevens added that the game industry also has a responsibility to its users to prevent this addiction.

Claire Murdoch, NHS national mental health director, said on Tuesday: "Compulsive gaming and social media and internet addiction is a problem that is not going to go away when they play such a key part in modern life".

The NHS said other countries grappling with internet and gaming addiction had taken other steps to protect children.

He quoted other countries that had banned under-16s from online gaming after midnight.

In Japan, avid gamers are alerted in the event that they utilize greater than a notify quantity of time every month playing games and in China, info superhighway vast Tencent has restricted the hours that adolescence can play its most neatly-favored games, they stated.

"Any new service also needs the health care professionals to staff it, but in England alone there are 40,000 nursing vacancies".

The national provider - essentially the most well-known of its form - comes alongside 14 gambling clinics for adults being opened across the nation.

From today, Global Positioning System across England can refer people aged 13-25 years old thought to be addicted to gaming to the National Centre for Behavioural Addictions in London, which will include dedicated clinical psychologists, mental health nurses, therapists and psychiatrists for children and young people fighting addiction.

The new centre will concentrate on children harmed by their obsession with playing computer games. "I am delighted to be leading this new clinic".

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