How to Make Bets on Sports: Useful Tips for Beginners

Ruben Hill
October 3, 2019



Learning to bet on sports is fast enough, but getting tangible results is an accomplishable task for goal-oriented people. For a successful and profitable betting, you need to have certain qualities and devote this activity 3-4 hours a day regularly. Check an overview of the necessary conditions, qualities, and skills in order to make bets in the bookmakers successfully.

Things to Do Before Making Your 1st Bet

Some things to keep in mind:

        Learn the rules of a particular sport, as well as the rules of bets in the bookmaker you have chosen for betting. It’s a must because rules at betsafe, for example, may differ from the rules in other bookies.

        Learn to structure and analyze statistical data, as well as choose the optimal sports betting strategy.

        Properly distribute your bank, following a safe financial strategy, the amount of the bet should be calculated on the basis of the chosen strategy, and not with an emotional outburst.

Before making your first bet, make sure that you are completely confident in the quality of the forecast.

Want to Succeed? Learn the Rules!

Ignorance of the rules by which certain types of bets are made is one of the main reasons for failure in betting. Before making a bet at the bookie, you need to make sure that you understand what you are betting on and what the result may be in the end. For example, it is strongly recommended to study the terminology of bets, which will be used in the bookie.

        A bet on the outcome of a particular sporting event.

        Express is a set of different forecasts for different events or outcomes in one coupon. In this case, the coupon coefficient is calculated from the multiplication between itself of the coefficients of all events collected. And if at least one of the outcomes does not play, the entire express burns down.

There are dozens of bet options - total and handicap, double outcome bets and draws. For example, the total may be the number of goals scored - a team, teams, a specific player. To understand the full variety of the assortment, you’ll have to spend several days, and maybe weeks. But it won’t be the time spent in vain!

Making bets correctly is not all, the choice of a bookmaker is important for making a profit. Correctly choose a bookmaker for bets this list of criteria will help:

What to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Bookie?

There are several criteria for choosing a good bookie:

        Convenient intuitive functionality of the bookmaker’s site - it’s convenient to work when you don’t have to wade through the “jungle” of tabs and unnecessary information.

        Increased odds that will bring you excellent profit in the event of a forecast.

        A low margin is a reduction in interest costs.

        A convenient and minimized procedure for registration and verification of the user's identity.

        The legality of the bookmaker's office in your country, the degree of protection of the interests of clients, and the safety of the deposit - only legal bookies can guarantee that all conflict situations will be treated fairly and with the involvement of independent experts.

The right choice of a bookmaker is the key to the safety of your deposit and the prompt, legal resolution of conflict situations.



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